PADI Drift Diver Course

PacificWatersports.comDrift Diving is an exciting, exhilarating experience, look at it as a form of underwater flying. Fighting a current is at best tiring, at the worst impossible. Divers must learn how to take advantage of a current, learn to relax and enjoy the adventure. Think about it this way, you will learn how to Go With The Flow....

Four Advantages of Drift Diving

  1. Saves energy - typically very little swimming.
  2. Dive sites that you would not normally dive.
  3. Go farther and see more.
  4. Don't have to return to entry point (especially when boat diving).

You will learn practical knowledge of drift diving and procedures. You will increase your diving skills and techniques for staying close to your buddy. You will plan, organize and makes dives using drift diving techniques. You will improve your diving ability, additional experience and have fun....

What do I need to start?

  • PADI Open Water Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Minimum age: 15 years old
  • Call to reserve a spot (503) 642-3483/DIVE
  • Register at Pacific Watersports, receive your Drift Diver handouts and start learning NOW.

This course will include one classroom session, one day of diving (two dives), charter boat fees, Drift Diver handouts and PADI specialty certification. Once completed you will be one-step closer working towards being a PADI Master Scuba Diver.

  • To view up-coming class schedule click HERE or to view detailed store calendar click HERE

You can request a more detail brochure by sending us an e-mail at, just let us know which course you are interested in and we will send it to you in a pdf file.