Maintenance Keep your dive gear in top shape with Pacific Watersports authorized repair facility. We can service almost any major brand of scuba diving equipment (even brands we do not sell). All repairs are handled on a timely manner, with turn-around time usually under 2-3 weeks from date of receipt. We stock a complete line of replacement parts for quick returns.

Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for certain products that need to be returned to the manufacturer for repairs or warrantees.

Important maintenance to remember:

  • Tanks - Hydrostatic test every 5 years, Visual inspection yearly.
  • Tank Valves - Highly recommended to have burst disc assembly replaced when tank is hydrostatically tested
  • Regulators - Service yearly.
  • Gauges - Should be checked yearly for accuracy
  • Computers - Battery change varies on model (most common 1 to 3 years)
  • BCD - Clean and check yearly, have it completed with regulator service.
  • Lights - You should inspect batteries before every dive trip, check bulb and o-ring.
  • Wet Suits & all neoprene accessories - You should inspect neoprene for cuts and seam separation
  • Dry Suits - Seals replaced varies on type (most common 2 to 5 years) You should inspect seals, zipper(s) and suit before every dive trip

We can help you with all of the maintenance listed above and more.