Jeri Moreira As the story goes it all started with seeing my father's dive gear. Of course, this was old school double hose, neoprene wet suit with no nylon inside or outside. Wow, I wanted to SCUBA dive however; I was only six years old. As time progressed my sister bought me a mask, fins and snorkel at age 12. I was hooked. I would snorkel in the rivers in Oakridge and yes, it was cold but I endured it. So when I was in high school my teacher was a SCUBA instructor and shared many stories of his adventures. I signed up for lessons and started diving in 1980 from a dive shop in Portland, Oregon. I was hooked for many years then got out of it since my kids were not interested in it. Many years later, I went to Hawaii for vacation, I thought to myself, I should go diving since I would be in paradise and all my previous dives were in the Great Pacific Northwest, which is still my preference. Wow, my first thought as I hit the water was WHY DID I STOP? As soon as I got back, I found Pacific Watersports, bought my dive gear and decided to continue my diving education where I left off, so I signed up to finish my Dive Master program. Now I can't get enough of diving. I would be happy even diving in a mud puddle. I love helping others learn to dive, be safe, and show them a whole another world that only a few get to experience. I LOVE IT!

My other passions are: riding my bicycles, back packing with Madeline my doggie, snow shoeing, snow skiing, and just being fun and crazy. I also want to try sky diving, and climb Mt. Hood.

Enough of this LETS GO DIVING!!!!!!!!!