Open Water Class Referral

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course.

Group Training with Open Water as a Referral

THREE Bonuses as a participant at 
Pacific Watersports:

1) You will receive up to a $25 Equipment Certificate that can be used towards the purchase of a SCUBA mask, fins, snorkel or can be used on a combination of equipment of $200 or more while you are in our course (off of retail prices).

2) You will receive a $20 Training Certificate that can be used for Adventures in Diving Course (Advanced Course).   This would be the next course you may decide to take after Open Water Scuba Diver.

3) You will receive a Rental Equipment Certificate, good for renting equipment for 20% off the retail rental rates. 

Group option we can get your classroom and pool training sessions done in about 4 weeks, total of four sessions; orientation session (Sunday - 5:30pm - 9:00pm),  three classroom/pool training sessions (Sunday - 5:30pm - 9:00pm).

This is for participants that only wish to complete their classroom and pool training through us and will be traveling to another destination to complete their open-water training.  Once completed you’ll receive a referral packet with all the necessary information to take to your next destination for completing your open-water training.

You will schedule the Open Water Dives at your next destination, normally in a tropical location. People usually use this option when they plan on only diving tropical and have a vacation planned. We can help you find a PADI Facility at your next destination or you can check them out at click on DIVE SHOPS.  This PADI Facility is who will conduct your four open water dives.

Important Steps and Requirements

  • Prerequisites :
    Good general/physical health, and basic swimming ability, minimum age limit of 12.  You will need to complete a continuous 200-yard swim or 300-yard snorkel swim, not timed and ten-minute float/tread water.
  • Review:  Download the Divers Medical Questionnaire to preview in advance and if any questions are answered with a Yes, you may be required to obtain a Doctors approval using this form before any in water training.  READ form carefully as the dating is DAY/MONTH/YEAR  Divers Medical Questionnaire - download form HERE.
  • Course Cost & Registration :
    We have taken the cost of the course and have broken it down into three separate payments if you wish.  This makes it as easy as possible for your successful completion of the course.
  • $125.00 Deposit Due when you sign-up:  Deposit will add your name to the roster and reserve your spot. (Participant will be required to stop by our facility within a few days of sign-up to fully register for the class date selected, you will receive Participant eLearning kit and fill out required forms in advance, if under 18 parent or guardian must be present). 
  • You can call us at (503) 642-3483 to add your name to the roster, will require participant to stop by our facility within a few days to fully register and receive Participant eLearning kit to continue to hold your spot in the class.
    Participant eLearning kit, includes; Diver Log Book & Training Record and Carrying Portfolio.
  • $217.00 eLearning fee Paid when you register at (required to be registered as an eLearner with Pacific Watersports - Aloha, OR store #206) 
  • $113.00 Due at orientation session for Instruction, SCUBA Equipment use and Pool Facilities use.

          Total for the complete course is.....$ 455.00

  • Things you provide to the Referral Instructor:
    Once you have successfully completed the classroom and pool sessions, you will need to provide necessary referral forms to show verification of completion of these sessions.  We will supply you with a referral packet with all the necessary required forms, information,  tropical gear checklist and temperature chart.

  • Call 503-642-3483 to start register for this program

Start registration by calling 503-642-3483

There is a $25.00 cancellation fee once charges have been processed if participant training kit has not been used and cancelled 10 days prior to class start date. If cancelled less then 10 days before start date your registration fee of $125 will be forfeited. Once you have started this course there will be no refund on fees paid. We will require a minimum of 6 participants in this course, sometimes it may possibly still be conducted with less, the course may be modified according to the number of participants. If the course is cancelled due to lack of interest it may be rescheduled and all of your course fees will be transferred. If you do not wish to transfer we will refund all fees paid less cost of participant training kit if it has been used.

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