Seal Team Aqua Missions

The 10 Aqua Missions:

  • Fish Identification Specialist – get to know the different fish, what are their names and more.
  • Environmental Specialist – learn how to protect our Environment.
  • Inner Space Specialist – Train like an Astronaut.
  • Navigation Specialist – learn how to Navigate using a Compass under water.
  • Night Diver Specialist – Diving by Night…
  • Safety Specialist – Learn how to solve different possible problems.
  • Search & Recovery Specialist – have a lot of Fun with Search & Recovery of different things from the bottom.
  • Skin Diver Specialist – Snorkel Diving is really cool. You will be surprised how much you will learn about this.
  • Snap-Shot Specialist – Make your first under water pictures!!! Your friends will love it.
  • Wreck Diver Specialist – Imagine an old Ship Wreck, there is a lot to discover, maybe even a Treasure?

Seal Team Aqua Missions

We will provide all instruction at the pool, no need to study before hand. Just show up with a swimsuit, towel, personal snorkel gear for scuba diving and a Big Smile. There will be a short classroom session, gear preparation, and a fun time to complete Aqua Missions in the pool.

Important Steps and Requirements

  • Prerequisites :
    Must have completed the Seal Team Program, good general health and an ability to be comfortable in the water, minimum age limit of 8. NOTE: Review Seal Team Statement (Medical Questionnaire) in advance at: Seal Team Statement, if ANY questions are answered with a Yes, you will be required to obtain a Doctors approval using only this form before (kid or parent) participating in this program: Divers Medical Questionnaire - download form HERE
  • Cost Includes:
    Each Seal Team Aqua Mission costs $35.00. This includes: Logbook page, Certification card upon Completion of 10 Aqua Missions, use of pool training scuba equipment and pool rental.

    Total for each mission is $ 35.00
  • Things you provide for this course:
    PADI Seal Team manual (you should already have this), Swimsuit, Towel, SCUBA mask, fins, and snorkel and a Big Smile. A shorty wetsuit is recommended, but not required. (Savings offered if purchased from the shop).
  • You will need to call 503-642-3483 to start registration for this program as you will not be able to sign-up on line. Please have ready information with details of participant as listed below. Payment will be required to fully register and confirm a spot in this program.

    Start registration by calling 503-642-3483

    There is a $10.00 cancellation fee for all refunds on unused student kits, if cancelled 7 days prior to class start date. If cancelled less then 7 days before start date a $20.00 fee will be forfeited. Once you have started the program there is no refund on fees paid. We will require a minimum of 2 in the course. If the course is cancelled due to lack of interest it will be rescheduled and all of your course fees will be transferred. If you do not want to transfer we will refund all fees paid.

Class Start Date:
Student Name:
Shoe Size:
Medical Questionnaire Read: