Course Schedule 2022

NOTE:    we are teaching select programs listed below.  Classes listed below shown as On Hold are not scheduled at this time, possibly in a later date.

Store Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm

  • We offer PADI endorsed classes taught by PADI certified instructors.
  • Select below on the education tree for information on classes for each training level.
LEARN how to snorkel properly, safely in the water and more.
Not sure about diving? Try it in the pool first. Call to schedule. .
PADI Programs for Kids - on hold
PADI Bubblemakers - on hold
Introduction to SCUBA conducted in a pool for kids 8 - 12
PADI Seal Team - on hold
A series of Aqua Missions conducted in a pool for kids 8 - 12
PADI Discover Scuba Diving - on hold
Dive in Open Water with an Instructor for kids 10 - 12
Haven't dived recently? Review the basics in a pool. Orient yourself to North West Diving.
Learn to Dive Now, group lessons or private...
Start to Learn to Dive Now on line.....
Next Step after Open Water Diver: Improve your underwater diving abilities and have a great time.
Next Step after Advanced Open Water: Diver Awareness: Are you ready?
Get more dive time with enriched air nitrox.
PADI Specialties - Altitude Diver-Peak Performance Buoyancy
Oregon has lots of great lake diving. Learn to dive at Altitude, Improve your Buoyancy.
PADI Specialties - Equipment Specialist
This course will familiarize divers with the operation and maintenance of diving equipment.
PADI Specialties - Night Diver -
It's a great underwater world at night.
PADI Specialty - EFR: First Aid/CPR/AED training -
Are you prepared to help or are you current? (Non-Divers Welcome)
PADI Specialties - Deep Diver -
Learn to Deep Dive properly and safely!
PADI Specialties - DPVehicle Diver -
Would you like to see more and travel farther underwater?
PADI Specialties - Drift Diver Diver -
Experience the exciting, exhilaration of drift diving.
PADI Specialties - Wreck Diver -
Have you ever wanted to dive a shipwreck???
PADI Specialties - Boat Diver -
Get to those perfect a boat!
PADI Specialties - Navigation-
Build confidence and put you in control of your dive.
Highest certification for recreational divers, be a Master Scuba Diver.
This is a very rewarding course and you will gain a greater appreciation for diving.

Find out why we love to teach scuba diving.